English Residencies

International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). Residencies for artists and curators, New York.

New York, ZDA


residencies for artists and curators.

Artists and curators can apply for residencies at ISCP. There are two ways of applying, a partner application or a direct application.Residencies are between three and twelve months and are sponsored by governments, corporations, foundations, institutions, organizations, galleries and private patrons. Each artist or curator is provided with 24-hour access to their studio and wireless internet. In addition, all residents can use ISCP’s common areas. ISCP does not provide or arrange living accommodation, however, a number of partner sponsors, who send participants to ISCP each year, have a furnished apartment for residents. In addition, sponsors often give a stipend for accommodation, living expenses, travel and materials.Partner Application

ISCP collaborates with over forty partner governments, institutions and organizations to fund residency opportunities. Partner sponsors publicly call for applications for residencies at ISCP. Check our webside for a list of partner sponsors.

Direct Application

If you wish to apply directly to ISCP, please read the information below carefully:

Please email the application form and supporting materials to the e-mail address below. ISCP does not locate sponsors for direct applicants. Once accepted, artists and curators are responsible for securing funding. Please have a look at our previous sponsors for potential funding sources. When planning your residency, please bear in mind that residencies are scheduled approximately one year in advance. We are currently scheduling 2012. There is no deadline and the application review takes place once every two months.

The following steps must be taken in the order below before an applicant can be accepted into ISCP:

  1. Application is sent to ISCP
  2. ISCP’s panel reviews the application within two months
  3. If the application is successful, the applicant receives an acceptance letter
  4. Applicant has two years from the date of the acceptance letter to locate funding
  5. When funding has been secured by applicant, ISCP confirms directly with sponsor
  6. When sponsor has confirmed, ISCP staff and applicant schedule residency
  7. If necessary, applicant must apply for a US visa (see below)
  8. Applicant makes appointment with ISCP staff and arrives in New York

The program fee for 2011 is $19,570 to $21,630 per year or $1,630.83 to $1,802.50 per month. In addition, the applicant needs to calculate accommodation, living, travel and health insurance costs for the duration of their stay in New York.

Deadline: there is no deadline, the application review once a month
International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
1040 Metropolitan Avenue, 3rd Fl.
NY 11211 Brooklyn
fax: 718 387 2966

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