Photography and Visual Culture in Greenland

Captain’s Log:

While working on the Nautical Maps in the Navigation room, I noticed that there are still some white spots on the planet. China, strangely, has not been on our radar in the last few months, and my question is: have we been banned by the Central Government? For what??? We have no dissidents hidden in the vessel, nor did we even mention Ai Weiwei, not once!

The other big white spot is Greenland. OK, Greenland is not really known for its vivid art scene, and Internet connections seem to be a problem, too. At least, according to Diederik Veerman, one of the curators of the Roots 2 Share project, which he presented at the MuseumNext conference in Barcelona a couple of months ago. Very interesting, have a look at

But, according to the site there are museums in Greenland, most of them on the West Coast. So, no more excuses, you Greenlanders. Get onboard of the Curatorship and sail the 7 seas with us!

And if we see a Chinese Frigate, we will reimburse Ai’s Tax Debt, so they take the ban from us, and him, once and for all!

End of Captains Log


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