Call for entries. Portfolio Reviews. Internacional Portfolio’s Forum, Buenos Aires. Deadline: Until full

Name: Internacional Portfolio’s Forum / Foro Internacional de Portfolios

Organizer: Encuentros Abiertos

Date & Place: August 6-10, 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Application Deadline: Until full

Profiles of Reviewers: Curators, museum and festival people, publishers and picture editors, mostly from Argentina, Latin America, and other countries.

Registration Fee: For Argentines: $1.200 ARS for 5 reviews, or $ 1.500 for 10. For Foreigners: 200 USD for 5 reviews and 250 for 10

Number of reviews: 5 or 10

Price / Review Ratio: 20-25 Euros per review


Email / application:

Presentation Text:

Addressed to all the photographers who wish to increase the possibilities of dissemination and sale of his works, this event was an opportunity for performers are those that can help the knowledge of his work, presenting their work to a qualified group of personalities of national and international photography: Directors of festivals, Museum Directors, gallery ownerscurators, collectors and publishers. Each interview is personal, with a duration of 20 minutes. Within such period, each participant shows his work to the reviewer previously chosen who in turn makes a return on it. Please bear in mind the time for each interview, as well as the usefulness of deliver to each reviewer an element that works to assist visual memory, together with a brief curriculum vitae. PrizesGuest reviewers and the Festival Selection Committee will select the 3 best portfolios and will be awarded the following prizes:

• An exhibition of the three selected in the open meetings 18th – 2014 light Festival. They will have a space featured on the website of the Festival.

• FotoFest award. A scholarship to the best portfolio to participate in the International Meeting Place of the FotoFest Houston 2014.

• Editions Larivière – Festival of light prize. The work of the three selected authors will be published in a book of art carried out by Editions Larivière, which will be presented at the next edition of open meetings.

The Curator Ship – Portfolio Reviews 2012:


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