Photobook Masterclass at Arles Festival. Application Deadline: June 20th, 2012

Not cheap, but probably very helpful:

Photobook Masterclass by Lichtblick School & in the framework of the International Photography Festival in Arles.

One of many workshops, events and courses on the Photobook, which have popped up lately…. such as the two photobook courses in Madrid (one by the IED, featuring Martin Parr and others, one by Blank Paper, with a more local focus), PhotoIreland’s Book and Magazine Fair, Paris Offprint, etc. etc. etc.

This new interest is, of course, a bit too good to be true, in the long run. Yes, it is a hype, especially when you see the collectors’ side, which is the only point where I go d’accord with Christoph Schaden’s recent article in FOTONEWS. On the other hand, it shows a new passion for the object and the materiality of photography (as will be the theme of a conference organized by the European Society for the History of Photography this coming November), as well as a democratization of the medium.

Anyways, enough talk… here comes the information on the workshop in Arles, which is co-organized by Christoph’s brother, Markus, and the heavy-weight-duo Wolfgang Zuborn/Tina Schelhorn, together with two up-and-coming photographers…..

July 2nd – 7th 2012

Finalize your Book-Project

The experts Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Tina Schelhorn,
Nina Poppe
and Frederic Lezmi from Lichtblick School and
will help you bring your photobook into reality.

A week of lectures and masterclass group work will end in a book dummy exhibition
and screening of your project on Saturday (dancing included).

The Program:

4 pm – 7 pm MASTERCLASS

Monday – Kick-off with review of all photobook projects of the participants
Tuesday – Developing the Photobook: Dummies, Studies and More / Markus Schaden
Wednesday – Sequencing the Photobook / Wolfgang Zurborn
Thursday – Object and Desire / Frederic Lezmi and Nina Poppe
Friday – Exhibiting the Photo Project / Tina Schelhorn
Saturday – The Masterclass goes public: Exhibition, Screening, Party

Check in now and come to The Arles Session 2012!

Information about the Workshop:

The Arles Session  

* 6-days workshop, July 2nd-7th, 2012, 11 am-1 pm and 4 pm-7 pm
* Participant max 12
* English-speaking workshop
* We will bring along a printer, paper and enough ink to produce a first version of your dummy.
* Please bring a substantial portfolio or a dummy of your photographic work as well as highres data of your images

Fee for the workshop: 700.- Euro

For booking the workshop please use the application form top right
or send an email to Lichtblick School

Application deadline: June 20th


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