MAP Toulouse, Festival de la Photographie: European Photo Contest 2012, Deadline: March 16th, 2012

A) The Photo Contest / January 20th – March 16th, 2012

– Participants : all of the registered students in one of the partner schools (yours included) are allowed to participate. Each student can participate up to 1 photography.

– Photo Contest subject : Man and Water.

This subject is at the discretion of students. Just a clue : the audience of the Festival is a general public, broad and large ; the exhibitions are installed in busy areas, and often outdoors.

– How to participate? :

The contest entering is free. You can participate by two means :


Send by email at :

Your picture in low resolution (maximum size : 1Mo)

Your agreement to participate in the contest. This agreement may be made as follows :

• By stating in the body of the email the following information : Name, Address, ZIP Code, City, Telephone, Email address, School of participation and approval of the statement : “Assignment of the photographer : I authorize the organizers of this contest to use my photos as part of all publicity and promotional events or communication, as well as all publications or exhibition related to this contest.”


1) Gather the following documents :

1 hard copy (30cm x 40cm ; 11,81 in x 15.74 in) of the photograph ; indicating on the back the first and last names, email address and school of the participant.

1 CD with the photography (in low resolution).

The attached form (you can download the form here : ), completed and signed by the participant.

2) Send all those documents to the following address :

Agence MAP – Concours Européen – Gabrielle CHEVRAT 5 Place Wilson – 31 000 Toulouse – France.

B) Decisions : March 19st – March 24th, 2012

Panel of Judges : as announced above, the Panel of Judges will be embodied by professionals. The results will be communicated to all of the participants in the same breath. The 25 winning students will have to send within three days their photograph in high definition by email.

C) The Exhibition : May 2012

The 25 selected photographs will be displayed in large format on canvas, in the heart of the Festival on the banks of the Garonne, a perfect place in the “pink city”. The photographs will be only used in our lead-up communication and in the exhibition itself, the assigned right being depleted at the end of the exhibition.

Prints will be sent to every prize-winner at the conclusion of the festival.

Constant contact throughout the contest :

Gabrielle CHEVRAT,



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