Amnesty International Media Awards 2012 Call. Deadline: March 1, 2012

Amnesty International Media Awards 2012

Call for Entries


Closing date 1 March 2012


about the awards

The Amnesty Media Awards were established in 1992 to celebrate the best in human rights journalism. From print and broadcast journalism to photographic and digital content, they recognise the vital role journalists play, and the serious risks they face, in highlighting injustice around the world.


The awards honour established journalists and photographers as well as rising stars.

Winners in 2011 included Channel 4 News, More 4, CNN International, BBC Radio 4, the Independent, the Guardian, GQ Magazine, Marie Claire, Guardian Weekend Magazine and the Sunday Times Magazine. The event finished with a short address by Aung San Suu Kyi who spoke of the “great importance” of the media in “promoting the cause of democracy and human rights in Burma”.




We are looking for real innovation in digital news delivery. Entries must be digitally “native”, using new and creative ways to bring human rights issues to growing online audiences.


Television News

Television news continues to play a vital role in keeping human rights issues in the public eye. We’re looking for a news item (or up to three news items if part of a series), broadcast predominantly to a UK audience or  hosted online.



Documentaries provide one of the most powerful and most accessible ways to bring complex human rights issues to wide audiences. Entries should be a single programme of 20-120 minutes duration, broadcast predominantly to a UK audience, or given a theatrical screening in the UK.



Radio has the ability to take large audiences on some incredible journeys. Entries in this category should be either a news item, podcast, a single programme, or a series  of up to 120 minutes total duration, broadcast predominantly to a UK audience.


International TV and radio

We’re looking for innovative programming on an international radio or TV channel. Guidelines as for a television or radio entry (above) but seen or heard on a channel that has a broadcast platform in the UK and is available internationally.


National newspapers

National newspapers have broken numerous stories this year with far-reaching repercussions, demonstrating their enduring impact and influence. Entries in this category should be an article or series of up to three articles published in a UK newspaper.


Magazines (two awards)

A vividly written and illustrated magazine article can have a profound effect on its readers, giving an in-depth assessment of an issue in an eye-catching and unforgettable way. We are looking for an article, or series of up to three articles, published in a consumer magazine, or a magazine-style weekly or monthly UK newspaper supplement.


Nations and regions

Open to print or broadcast entries from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions:

• a newspaper or magazine article or three articles (if part of a series);

• a TV or radio news item or series of up to three news items (if part of a series);

• a single radio or TV programme (including documentary and drama) of up to 60 minutes duration.



Photojournalists have brought us some of the most memorable and iconic images of our time, putting a human face to human rights issues. Entries should include a series of up to six photographs from a portfolio, all or part of which has been published or publicly exhibited in the UK.


Gaby Rado Memorial Award

For an up-and-coming journalist who has covered national or international human rights stories in broadcast, online or print media for less than five years. The judges will particularly look for coverage that brings to the fore the human stories behind the headlines. This award was established with the help of the family, friends and colleagues of the journalist Gaby Rado, who died in Iraq in 2003.


more information

For details of the sponsorship fund, entry requirements for the awards, and guidelines on how to enter, see



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