Double Call for Contributors and Virtual Interns. THE CURATOR SHIP and MUSEUM FOR ALL. Deadline: Nov. 29, 2011

This is a call for people who are both savvy in technological matters and interested in the cultural field, and who would like to contribute to online projects that seek to bring culture and knowledge to the people out there. If you know of any candidates, please forward this call to them.


The Curator Ship is a collection of useful articles and materials in the field of image culture and visual arts, with a special focus on contemporary photography and video art. It is open for collaboration to everyone, but we would like to count on more stable work relationships with a hand full of contributors.

If you think you can post 5-10 interesting pieces a month and would like to be listed as a contributor, please contact the Captain at moritzmadrid(at)
Artists, curators, students, editors, grandmas and nerds welcome!


In July 2011, ArteConTacto and the Design for All Foundation signed an agreement to jointly develop the network.

While ArteConTacto works to facilitate access to art and knowledge for all, including visually impaired people, the Foundation has been working for many years to establish the Design for All principle in all areas of life.

The purpose of is, on the one hand, to generate existing information surrounding European art and cultural centres, and, on the other, to develop tools and methods to bring culture closer to people and to promote access to culture by everyone. It will also be a European platform which will highlight good practice and draw attention to those centres and museums seeking excellence through Design for All.  With this new project with ArteConTacto, the Design for All Foundation intends to further and reinforce one of its fundamental objectives: that any person, whatever their personal characteristics, may enjoy, experience and understand settings and activities within the areas of leisure and culture.

Please apply to touch(at)

Successful candidates will leave us with a recommendation letter and useful knowledge in the up and coming field of accessibility in culture.

Please have a look at our blog (still in test phase) and the partner organization’s websites and

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