Call for SuperMassiveBlackHole #9. Deadline: Nov 30, 2011

Call for SuperMassiveBlackHole #9 Theme: Alternative Vision

SuperMassiveBlackHole is Ireland’s leading international online photography magazine. Established in 2009, SuperMassiveBlackHole is dedicated to the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today. 

We are looking for work that uses alternative or experimental (in both digital and analogue) processes to create a photographic image. In essence the theme for this issue is conceptual, about how an image is constructed, or questions how we read/understand an image as opposed to what the image is necessarily depicting. Images: Up to 3 images, 300 DPI and at least 1200 pixels on widest side. Save them as RGB, JPEG files on setting 12 (do not optimize).   

Statement: All images and projects should be accompanied by a Statement relevant to the specific submission. Should be no more than 200 words long and contained in email body.

Bio: No more than 100 words long and contained in email body.Contact: Email and website address, city and country, should be included in email body.

Writing: We are also interested in any writing on photographic practices or subjects, reviews of an exhibition, book or website. Submissions should not exceed 1000 words, and should be  emailed along with a Bio and Contact details.

DEADLINE: 30th November 2011

Send all submissions and contributions to:

Unsuccessful submissions will be considered for future issues.

Please LABEL your images with the correct TITLES (images with no titles will be labelled ‘untitled’).

Do not send portfolios.

For anyone who has any queries after these Guidelines please see here


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