Martin Parr and Elger Esser reflect on the Photobook. Madrid, Nov. 3, 2011

Reflecting upon the Photobook

Martin Parr, Elger Esser, Horacio Fernandez and Ramón Reverte will analyze the role of the photobook in the creative process of the photographer on Thursday November 3 at two locations: Ivorypress Art + Books and the IED Master school.

The photobook has carved its niche into the digital age. In light of this, we will celebrate the evolution of a product that has passed from the exclusivity of few artists to be a tool accessible to all, to store and collect memories, but also to display photo projects and professional work.

Ivorypress Space Art + Books will feature the Pre-Presentation of Horacio Fernandez’ Latinamerican Photobook, in presence of its editor as well as the publisherRamon Reverte and Martin Parr, the “padrino” of the project. This publication includes a selection of 155 works published from 1920 to present.Works that portray the city, conceptual art, photography and literature, along with large volumes of figures such as Claudia Andujar, Barbara Brändli, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Horacio Coppola, Paz Errazuriz and Graciela Iturbide, among others.

In addition, the design school IED Madrid hosts a conference on the role of the photo book with Martin Parr and Elger Esser, teachers in the European Master of Fine Art Photography (START: April 10, 2012) and the specialization course, International Photobook , at the IED Madrid. These courses also include professionals as internationally recognized as Alejandro Castellote, Joan Fontcuberta, Nicholas Combarro, Francesco Jodice, Simon Roberts, Beat Streuli, and Ricardo Cases.


Thursday, November 3
Presentation: The Latin American Photobook
Art + Books Ivorypress, 17:30
C / Comandante Zorita, 48. Madrid

Meeting: Martin Parr in conversation with Elger Esser
IED Master, 20:00


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