The Curator Ship presents: Duncan Caratacus Clark’s Material Collection

The Curator Ship proudly presents Duncan Caratacus Clark’s Art and Photography Links, Bookmarks, Materials. The research is mainly UK focused, and can be downloaded in ZIP files, either from the list hereafter, or from Duncan’s website Some of this will definitely stay on your hard drive for good! Take your time to browse through the categories and download the material, mostly in PDF format.

Important Note from Duncan Caratacus Clark:

Please note that I wish to ensure that the sharing of this material does not infringe the rights of the copyright owner.  If you may have any concerns please do let me know via my email and I will do my best to respond swiftly. This archive is shared free of charge and is not for further commercial exploitation by other parties who may download it. Please email me for further assistance:

Material Collection:

Arts & Business Bookmarks – last compiled on the 07.09.11, this is a categorised list of useful website.

Academics – Arts

Advertising Photography

Art Shops

Artists in Residence

Arts & Therapy


Awards & Competitions


Books & Writing

Business Research




Education Course Archive

Exhibitions & Projects

Fairs & Festivals

Galleries, Museums, Dealers

Grants & Funding

History of Photography & Arts

Lectures & Private Views

Legal & Contracts

Linkedin Group

Publication, Magazines



Newsletters- Over 2500 different PDF Invitation, blog, newsletters, & web pages


People of Interest

Photographers, Artists,Agents

Photography Practice

Politics & Arts

Research Methodology


Videos, Podcast

Writing an Artists Statement


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