Last days to participate in PHOTOVISA’s Contest THE ROAD. Deadline: Sept. 1, 2011

Photography Contest THE ROAD

in the framework of the III International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar, Russia

The contest is held in 3 nominations:

  • Photography/Photoseries
  • Multimedia Project (photoclip)
  • Exhibition Project

General Conditions:

Photographs taken not earlier than in year 2005 by photographers of any age living in Russia and abroad are accepted.  All rights for the works submitted belong to the authors of works.

Works should be submitted no later than September 1, 2011, 00:00 Moscow time.

The results of the contest will be announced by the jury during the Festival.

The finalists’ exhibition opens in the of the framework of the III International Festival of photography PHOTOVISA (20-27 October 2011); the winner in the category photography/photoseries will be announced at the opening of the exhibition.

Works of the finalists in the nomination Multimedia Project (photoclip)  will be wide screened in one of the city cinemas  in the program of Photoclips’ Night  -a special multimedia show within Films program щаthe  III International Festival of photography PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar

Winners in the nomination Exhibition Project will be presented during the multimedia show of new photo exhibition models that will be held as one of the main events of III International Festival of photography PHOTOVISA.

Works of the finalists and winners of the contest will be published in the catalogue of the III International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar and at the Festival’s website

Creative conditions
The main theme The Road can be represented in various forms and photographic media (works created by both analogue and digital means are accepted, manipulation on the photographic image is not exempted).
One of the aspects of the theme The Road  is welcome to be disclosed:  poetic and philosophical;
environmental and social;  regional (The Roads of the Northern Caucasus)

Terms and Dates

1. The competition is held in three stages, a preliminary step is submitting photos to the competition for consideration by the jury. Date of application for the competition – from April, 11 to September, 01, 2011.

2. After the deadline of applications the jury defines the best works in each nomination on-line. The selected works will be published for public viewing at the web-site. The authors will be asked to send the works in high resolution and the photos will be printed for inclusion in the exhibition (nomination Photography/Photoseries), show (nomination Photoclips) and the Festival’s catalogue. The jury works from September, 01 to September, 20. From September, 21 to September, 28 the participants will be asked to send the files for exhibition and show.

3. The jury makes final decision in the nomination Photography/Photoseries while viewing works at the contest exhibition. Exhibition project to be shown at the Festival is selected by September, 20, 2011. Winners in the nomination Photoclips are selected by September, 20, 2011 by  online jury voting.


Each nomination of the Contest is judged by its own competent jury to form a professional and appropriate modern assessment of photography, exhibition project and multimedia project assessment in each nomination.

Nomination Photography / Photoseries

In the nomination Photography/Photoseries the jury will pick up the best single photograph (or series of photographes) in three categories:  The Road. Image (best poetic and artistic statement);  The Road. The relationship of humans and the environment (best if environmental and social aspects of the relationships of man and the sea); The Roads of the Northern Caucasus (best work devoted to the region in which the competition is held).

Single photos (no more than 15 (fifteen) by an author) and series that include no more than 15 works are accepted for the contest.

The downloaded files should be in RGB, up to 800 pix on the longer side. If the size is over the limit, the system will automatically diminish the image.

One author can submit no more than 15 works.

Photographer’s portfolio, submitted to the contest, should be accompanied by the photographer’s biography and the description of works or series (project). In the description the photographer indicates what aspect of the main theme in his opinion, reflects the submitted work.

The application must contain the phrase: “all right to the photos belong to the author”.

The photographer has the right to decide if his portfolio is submitted as a series (project) or set of single images.

Nomination Photography / Photoseries Jury:

1. Andrei Polikanov, photo-director of Russkiy Reporter Magazine,  Russia

2. Andrei Bezukladnikov, founder and director of web-site, Москва

3. Saiful Huq Omi, photographer, director of Photo Agency, Bangladesh

4. Levan Mamulov photograper, member of the organizational committee of the Festival Photovisa in Krasnodar, Russia

5. Andrzej Florkowski, dean of Photography and Media University, Poznan,  Poland

6. Natalia Vertlib, founder and director of Espectro Gallery of Photography, Krasnodar

7. Dominique Charlet, founder and director of Dominique Charlet Gallery, Paris, France

8. Alexander Kitaev, photographer, photography historian , Saint-Petersburg

9. Michaela Bosakova, director’s assistant, International Festival of Photography Month of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia

10. Beate Cegielska, director of Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark


Nomination Multimedia Project

Applications for the contest in this nomination can be submitted starting May, 15, 2011  

In the nomination Multimedia Project (photoclip) the jury considers multimedia projects created on the base of photography with duration of no more than 200 seconds. The jury considers only the works disclosing one of the three aspects of the main theme of the contest listed above, and determines the winners in three categories: The Road. Fiction;  The Road. Non-fiction; The Roads of the Northern Caucasus.

Clip file should be accompanied by the author’s biography and a description of the project. The clip must be based on the photos made by the author – contest participant. Photographies in the clip can be accompanied by sound, text and graphics (both static and animated).

Nomination Multimedia Project (photoclip) Jury

1. Elena Sukhoveeva/ Victor Hmel’,  artists-photographers , members of the organizational committee of the Festival Photovisa in Krasnodar, Russia
2. Andrei Chezhin, photographer, artist, Saint-Petersburg

3. Timotheus Tomicek, artist, works with photography and video, Vienna, Austria

4. Vladimir Birgus, photographer, photography historian, Professor of Photography and Media Department, University of Opava,

5. Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen, artists, working with video; founders and directors of Video-Art Festival, Denmark.


Nomination Exhibition Project

Applications for the contest in this nomination can be submitted starting May, 15, 2011

In the nomination Exhibition Project the jury considers models of solo (or group) exhibitions of photography. This nomination is intended for curators and curatorial groups (which may include photographers). Generating models of exhibitions involves more than just a set of images intended for display, but their sequence, construction, lighting design. The contest of Photographic exhibition models presupposes showing 3D projects. Each of the curators (curatorial groups) is free to choose configuration of the space necessary to show the accurate idea of the exhibition. In addition to the  files with the models in 3D the contestants provide a description of the project and an archive with photos.  The projects should reflect the main theme of the contest and offer innovative vision of photographic exhibitions space.

Nomination Exhibition Project Jury
1. Evgeniy Berezner, curator, Moscow, Russia

2. Moritz Neumueller, independent curator, director of the European Master of Fine Art Photography, Madrid, Spain

3.  Krzysztof Candrowicz, director of Center of Arts, Lodz, International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland

4. Natalya Tarasova, senior lecturer in Photography at the Moscow State University of Сulture and Arts, lecturer of the course Exhibition Activity Organization

Jury members make their selection of the finalists and winners independently online.




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