Fresh blood for Hasselblad Foundation

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Two new staff members have been appointed to the Hasselblad Foundation. Louise Wolthers, from Copenhagen, will be the new photography researcher, and Dragana Vujanovic will be curator for the photography exhibits of the Foundation.

Louise Wolthers is an art historian. She holds a PhD in photography, and has had a number of years of research and curating experience. She earned her PhD at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies of the University of Copenhagen with a thesis on the subject of the role of photography in war, colonization and commerce between 1860 and 1920. Subsequently, she took the initiative to and organized a number of exhibitions of both historical photography and contemporary art.

Dragana Vujanovic holds a Bachelor of Art in History of Art from Södertörn University in Sweden, where she majored in contemporary photography and art. Her graduation thesis, “A woman’s pictures of men” was on the subject of the reception of the work of photographic artist Maria Friberg.

“The Hasselblad Foundation is a cutting-edge organization in photography, and I am looking forward to continuing my research in both the photo archives of the Foundation and in the contemporary currents on the photography scene, as well as developing new perspectives on the role of photography in visual culture,” said Louise Wolthers at the time of her appointment.

“Exhibits at the Hasselblad Foundation aim to display the breadth of photography, spanning the spectrum from documentary to art photography – with the work of both firmly established and promising Swedish and international photographers. It is my ambition to maintain and further reinforce the position of the Foundation at the center of Nordic photography. The first project I curate in my new position will be an exhibition entitled “Antichambre” with the work of Malmö-based photographic artist Marie Andersson. It will open at the Hasselblad Center in autumn 2011,” said Dragana Vujanovic at the time of her appointment.

Our current focus at the Hasselblad Foundation is to accentuate both research in photography and collaboration between research activities and exhibitions, and we look forward to new, international perspectives,” said Bo Myhrman, Managing Director of the Hasselblad Foundation.

Louise Wolthers will take up her new position in January, 2012. The current holder of the photography research position, Gunilla Knape, will be retiring as of 31 December, 2011. Dragana Vujanovic, who will be succeeding curator Linda Frisk, will formally take up her position as of 1 August, 2011.


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