Doctoral Fellowships at eikones. Deadline: 17 July 2011

Information in German, French, Italian and English at

The Image as Artifact
Graduate School 01.01.2012 – 31.12.2014
Announcing 12 Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates
eikones, the National Centre of Competence in Research at the University of Basel, examines the
question of the power and meaning of images through interdisciplinary research. To this end, it
brings together more than 40 young scholars and scientists from various disciplines, whose PhD and
post-doc projects are grouped into modules with specific areas of inquiry. An integral part of the
NCCR Iconic Criticism is the Graduate School, which offers doctoral candidates a wealth of
possibilities for interdisciplinary engagement, from ongoing participation in an internal colloquium
to self-organized working groups and events. The Graduate School is directed and supervised by the
assistant professorship “Theory of Images.”
The Image as Artifact
The Graduate School begins in January, 2012, with the title “The Image as Artifact.” For this new
period, 12 fellowships are available for a maximum of three years. Funding will be awarded to
projects that consider images simultaneously as fabricated artifacts and representations that convey
meaning. On one hand, like all artifacts, images exist in a larger context that includes social image
cultures and technological image media, as well as processes of image production, reproduction,
distribution, and archiving. On the other hand, they stand apart as iconic manifestations, and
generate their own, iconic meaning. The dissertation projects should therefore investigate questions
of the interrelationship of these two aspects of images—for example, they should analyze the role of
this interrelationship in the use of images or its impact on the historicity specific to images. What it
means to conceive of the image as an artifact can either be the object of a theoretical reflection or
the methodological priority of a historical investigation. (See the more extensive description of the
topic at
NFS Bildkritik
NCCR Iconic Criticism

Requirements for Application
– A degree in a field relevant to the topic area, such as art history, literature, film, and media
studies, classics, philosophy, theology, Islamic studies, history, sociology, science studies,
the natural or technological sciences, visual communication, and design. Applications from
disciplines other than those named here are expressly desired.
– Master’s degree awarded not longer than three years ago.
– Applicants should be no older than 30 (exceptions are possible in some cases).
– We aspire to an international, multi-lingual student body. Good German and English skills
are essential. Competency in other languages, especially French and Italian, is desired.
– Applicants should be prepared to work together with their colleagues in interdisciplinary
groups and develop familiarity with new areas of knowledge.
– The dissertation project is to be completed during the timeframe of the program.
– Applicants from Switzerland and abroad, including countries outside Europe, are desired.
– The program begins 01.01.2012. Fellowships are first awarded for two years and, in the
event of a positive evaluation, can be extended for another year (maximal funding period of
three years, through 31.12.2014).
– Work is to be carried out in Basel. A workspace (with computer) in the eikones building is
provided, along with additional infrastructure.
Application Documents
1. Cover sheet according to the model
2. Statement of purpose
3. Curriculum vitae, copies of transcripts
4. Names of two people from whom letters of recommendation can be obtained
5. Description of the project (3-5 pages)
6. Work schedule for three years (1-2 pages)
7. Writing sample (e.g. chapter from master’s thesis, max. (!) 20 pages)
NFS Bildkritik
NCCR Iconic Criticism

Please send these documents—as a single PDF file (max. 10 MB)—to
Application Deadline: 17 July 2011
Contact: Helen Dunkel (
Tel. ++41 61 267 18 03 (Mon. – Fri. 10 – 12)
Note: Applicants who reach the final round will be invited for an interview. Interviews are
to be held 24-26 August 2011 in Basel. Please keep these dates free in case an
interview is scheduled. Email invitations will be sent one week in advance.


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