Fundación Botín Visual Arts Grants. Deadline May 6, 2011

This announcement is for the prestigious (and very well doted) Visual Arts Grants of the Fundación Botín.

Fundación Botín, a Spanish institution created in 1964, launches an international call for a new edition of the Visual Arts Grants.
These are study, research and personal project aids that end up with the organization of an exhibition at the venue of the Foundation in Santander and the edition of a catalogue.
The call is open to individuals of any nationality with the single requirement of being between the ages of 23-40 for the study grants. The conditions of the 19th Call of Visual Arts Grants are available in English and Spanish, and can be downloaded at

The deadline for submitting applications is May 6, 2011

The artists who obtained grants for the 18th edition in 2010-2011 are: Eva Fabregas (Spain, 1988), Jota Izquierdo (José Manuel G. Izquierdo, Spain, 1972), Irene Kopelman (Argentina, 1971); Juan Linares (Spain, 1972)-Erika Arzs (Austria, 1969); Carme Nogueira (Spain, 1970); Jorge Mendez Blake (México, 1974); Mabel Palacin (Spain, 1964); Francesc Ruiz (Spain, 1971). 738 applications were submitted from 49 countries.

Fundación Botín. Santander. Spain.

Pedrueca, 1. (39003) Santander. Cantabria. Spain
Tel: + 00.34.942226072


















One thought on “Fundación Botín Visual Arts Grants. Deadline May 6, 2011”

  1. I love art and I would like to join you.I feel at home in this place.I will submit my documents to you.Please pick me.

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