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Photography Grants Article, by David Campbell

The Australian lecturer, photography consultant, writer and multimedia producer David Campbell is a critical voice in the field of documentary photography and photojournalism. In his very useful article on Photography Grants he states that the photography world is full of awards, grants and competitions, yet many of these reward work already done. Thus, funding for a new project can be substantially more difficult:

I have collected a range of funding opportunities that meet two basic criteria. The first is that they provide grants specifically for the production of new visual projects (this means grants like the OSI Audience Engagement Grant is not included because it excludes the shooting of new work). The second is that they have an open application process, meaning they do not depend upon prior selection (as in the case of the Magnum Emergency Fund, which uses a group of nominators to invite 100 applicants).

Click here to see David’s full list, including Aaron Siskind Foundation’s Individual Photographer’s Fellowship, the The Aftermath Project , the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, the Fund for Investigative Journalism and the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography

David’s list is also open to suggestions, so you can contact him directly via his site, a very recommendable source for the understanding of the role of documentary photography and photojournalism in the new media economy.

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