Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships, Durham University (deadline: 10 Mar 11)

Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies

The Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies (DCAPS) at Durham
University is seeking outstanding candidates to apply for prestigious
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships. We welcome applicants
working on topics relating to the Centre’s research interests,
including photography theory; photography, national culture and
transnationalism; visual culture, politics and affect; photography and
the urban world; and photography, iconicity and cultural memory.

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships aim to provide career development
opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their
academic careers but with a proven record of research. The Trust
contributes 50% of each Fellow’s total salary costs up to a maximum of
£23,000 per annum and the balance is paid by the host institution.
Given the prestige of the awards each Fellow may request annual
research expenses of up to £6000 to further his or her research
activities. Further information about the Fellowships, including
eligibility criteria can be found here:


Further information about DCAPS and its research interests can be found


Applicants who want to apply for an Early Career Fellowship through
DCAPS will receive assistance in the form of feedback on individual
draft applications, especially the project proposal. For this
assistance, applicants need to contact Dr Edward Welch, Co-Director of
the Centre, providing the following information, by no later than
Monday 7 February 2011 (email e.j.welch@dur.ac.uk

1. A current Curriculum Vitae

2. A detailed account of the proposed research, (2 pages of A4, Times
New Roman 12 pt). This should include aims, objectives, methodology and
publication plans. The methodology should be clear and comprehensible
to a non-expert. Bibliographic references should be included in full.

3. An abstract of the proposal in non-technical terms so as to be
easily comprehensible to a non-expert

4. Details of research being undertaken in the department/centre at
Durham which is relevant to your proposal.

Applications will then undergo a process of scrutiny by the Faculty of
Arts and Humanities and those of outstanding quality will be submitted
through Durham University to meet the Leverhulme Trust deadline of 4pm
on 10 March 2011. The Trust will report results, by letter, by the end
of May 2011.


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