Two calls from Shpilman Institute for Photography: “General Call” and “Philosophy Call”. Deadline: March 1, 2011

The Shpilman Institute for Photography (The SIP) is a research institute dedicated to photography. The SIP initiates and supports innovative scholarly work and artistic projects that advance the understanding of photography and related media.
The SIP was founded in Tel Aviv where the first ten events have been hosted. Upcoming events in 2011 include a symposium in Paris and other collaborations in Europe and the US. The SIP online platform is part of our ongoing commitment to the online dissemination of all our activities.

The SIP offers funding to writers, theorists, and researchers from various disciplines (be they academic faculty, independent scholars, graduate students, artists or research-oriented curators) doing research that will advance the methodologies, theories, and practices by which we can better comprehend the world of photography and the world perceived through photography.

Two calls are issued to support scholarly works in the fields of Philosophy and Photography and a General Call for Research on Photography

Email: If you have any questions regarding the application process,
please email

For general inquiries about the institution,
please email

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