GALERIA CERO – Prize. Deadline: 30th December 2010

1 – Applicants

Every author, professional or amateur, over 18 years of age, may apply regardless of nationality.

2 – Photographs

Each applicant must present one single series of photographs consisting of 10 photos maximum. The photographic technique and theme are open.

3 – Prizes

1st Prize will receive a monetary award of €18,000
2nd Prize will receive a monetary award of €3,000
These prizes are subject to the corresponding current taxes

4 – Requirements to deliver the projects

The photographs must fulfill the following requirements: they must be delivered on CD or DVD, JPEG format, with a maximum of 3,000 pixels on their largest size. All photographs must be labeled with the author’s name and numbered according to their position in the series. The photographs must be in a non-compressed folder.
Copies on paper or sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

5 – Deadline for submissions

Applications may be sent from 1st November 2010 until 30th December 2010 by 10pm.
This deadline will not be extended under any circumstances.
Delivery address:
C/ Fuenterrabía, 13 28014—Madrid, España
Projects which have not been selected will not be returned and will be destroyed..



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